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We help keep your home comforatable and cool with our air conditioning and heat pump services.

Your Burnaby Residential Air Conditioning Experts

Beat the Heat in Style! Are you tired of sweltering summers and a lackluster cooling system? Look no further! At Techno Gas, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge air conditioning installation services that will transform your space into a refreshing oasis. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, sticky environments and welcome a cool and comfortable atmosphere with our top-of-the-line air conditioning solutions. With our skilled technicians and personalized approach, we ensure flawless installations that exceed expectations. Experience superior performance, energy efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation with one of our state-of-the-art AC units. Don’t let the heat get the best of you – contact us today and let us create a cool sanctuary just for you!

Types of Air Conditioning Systems for Your Home

We offer TWO air conditioning options for your home. Whether you need a repair, maintenance or installation, our certified AC technicians are here to help.

Central Ducted Air Conditioning: Effortless Climate Control for Every Room


Experience ultimate comfort and convenience with our ducted air conditioning systems. With a discreet design and whisper-quiet operation, our custom ductwork ensures even cooling throughout your home. Enjoy precise temperature control in every room or zone through a centralized panel. Our energy-efficient solutions provide effortless climate control, elevating your indoor living experience to new heights.

Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems: Flexible Cooling for Specific Areas


Discover the versatility and energy efficiency of split air conditioning systems with heat pump technology offered by Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Ltd. Our split systems not only provide targeted cooling for specific areas but also deliver efficient heating capabilities. With the integration of a heat pump, these systems can effectively warm your space during colder months, ensuring year-round comfort. Benefit from the convenience of a single system that offers both cooling and heating functions, all while maintaining energy efficiency. Our expert technicians can install a new system using your existing home’s equipment or ductwork. We also do repairs and maintenance on existing air conditioning equipment ensuring optimal performance and cost-effective climate control in your specific areas.

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Air Conditioning Installation

Our helpful and skilled technicians are certified to install both Central Air Conditioning Systems and Ductless Mini Split AC Units. We are BCHydro certified so you are able to apply for all the available rebates for installing a modern heat pump system for heating and cooling your home.

Learn more about which system is right for your home and your preferred heating/cooling needs by reading about our Air Conditioning Guide.

Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioning system is not working correctly, our technicians are here to help. Our expert team will diagnose the issue and provide efficient and reliable repair services. Don’t sweat in discomfort let us take a look at your current AC unit and see if we can upgrade or fix any issues you are having keeping your home cool this summer.

Our air conditioner repair services include fixing faulty compressors, repairing electrical connections, replacing damaged components, and more. Rest assured that we will have your AC unit running efficiently and effectively in no time. We work on any model/manufacturer including Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Lennox, American Standard, Frigidaire, Ameristar, Panasonic and more!

Visit our Air Conditioner Repair Page for more detailed info on costs and yearly maintenance plans.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Services LTD offers annual maintenance services on your existing or new air conditioning system. We will replace air filters, clean and inspect the indoor and outdoor coils, check pumps, and test thermostats. Have peace of mind knowing your heating and cooling system works flawlessly and lasts a lifetime.

Visit our Air Conditioning Maintenance Page for more detailed info on our residential HVAC service plans.

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Understanding how air conditioning works can help you appreciate the technology behind keeping your indoor environment cool and comfortable. At Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Ltd, we believe in empowering our customers with knowledge, so let’s dive into the key components and processes that make air conditioning systems work their magic.

This is called the Refrigeration Cycle. Air conditioners operate based on the principles of the refrigeration cycle, which involves the transfer of heat from one area to another using refrigerant. The cycle consists of four key stages: evaporation, compression, condensation, and expansion.

Evaporator Coil

Inside the air conditioner, the evaporator coil plays a crucial role. It absorbs heat from the indoor air, lowering its temperature and removing moisture through condensation.


The compressor, often called the heart of the air conditioning system, pumps the refrigerant gas, raising its pressure and temperature. This high-pressure gas then moves to the condenser unit.

Condenser Coil

As the refrigerant enters the condenser coil, it releases heat to the outside environment. The hot gas cools down, condenses into a liquid, and flows to the expansion valve.

Expansion Valve

The expansion valve regulates the flow of the liquid refrigerant, causing a drop in pressure and temperature. This process prepares the refrigerant for the evaporator coil, restarting the cycle.

Thermostats and Controls: Customizing Your Indoor Comfort

At Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Ltd, we believe that personalized comfort is essential for a truly enjoyable indoor environment. That’s why we offer advanced thermostats and controls that allow you to customize your indoor comfort with ease. Let’s explore how these components enhance your air conditioning system and give you complete control over your indoor climate.

  1. Thermostat Technology: Our state-of-the-art thermostats are designed to provide precise temperature control and energy efficiency. With programmable features, you can schedule temperature adjustments based on your daily routine, ensuring optimal comfort while saving on energy costs.

  2. Smart Thermostats: Take control of your air conditioning system from anywhere with our smart thermostats. These innovative devices connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing you to adjust temperature settings remotely using your smartphone or tablet. Smart thermostats also offer energy usage insights and can adapt to your preferences over time, providing maximum comfort and efficiency.

  3. Zoning Systems: Our advanced zoning systems offer the flexibility to customize comfort in different areas or rooms of your home. By dividing your space into zones, you can adjust temperature settings independently, optimizing comfort based on specific needs. Zoning systems are ideal for multi-level homes or areas with varying temperature requirements.

  4. Air Quality Control: Many of our thermostats and controls also integrate air quality monitoring and control features. They can detect and manage humidity levels, monitor air quality indicators, and even integrate with air purifiers and ventilation systems to create a healthier indoor environment.

  5. User-Friendly Interfaces: Our thermostats and controls feature user-friendly interfaces, making it effortless to adjust settings, program schedules, and access additional features. Clear displays, intuitive navigation, and touch-screen capabilities ensure a seamless and hassle-free user experience.

With our advanced thermostats and controls, you have the power to customize your indoor comfort precisely the way you want it. Whether it’s programming temperature schedules, adjusting settings remotely, or optimizing air quality, Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Ltd provides the tools you need for ultimate control and comfort.

Google Smart Thermostats: Intelligent Control at Your Fingertips

Take your home comfort to the next level with Google smart thermostats. These cutting-edge devices combine advanced technology and intuitive control to transform the way you manage your indoor climate. As a trusted provider of HVAC solutions, Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Ltd offers installation and integration services for Google smart thermostats. Let’s explore the benefits they bring to your home:

  1. Seamless Integration: Google smart thermostats seamlessly integrate with your home automation ecosystem. With compatibility across various smart home platforms, including Google Assistant, Nest, and more, you can effortlessly control your thermostat using voice commands or through smartphone apps.

  2. Intelligent Learning: Google thermostats feature intelligent learning capabilities that adapt to your preferences and schedule. They analyze your usage patterns, weather conditions, and other factors to automatically adjust temperature settings for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

  3. Remote Access: Stay in control of your indoor climate from anywhere. With Google smart thermostats, you can remotely adjust temperature settings, create schedules, and monitor energy usage through smartphone apps. This convenient feature allows you to ensure a comfortable home environment, even when you’re away.

  4. Energy Savings: Google smart thermostats help you save on energy costs by providing valuable insights into your energy consumption. With detailed reports and energy-saving tips, you can make informed decisions to reduce waste and enhance efficiency.

  5. Compatibility with Smart Devices: Expand the capabilities of your smart home ecosystem by integrating Google thermostats with other smart devices. Control your thermostat alongside lighting, security systems, and more, creating a cohesive and connected living experience.

At Techno Gas, our team of experts is well-versed in installing and optimizing Google smart thermostats. We ensure a seamless integration process and provide guidance on maximizing the benefits of these intelligent devices. Experience the convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency that Google smart thermostats bring to your home with our professional installation services.