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Comprehensive Furnace Services for Your Home in Burnaby & Lower Mainland

we understand that a furnace is a major investment

Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about your furnace, so you can enjoy comfort and energy efficiency for years to come.

What is a Furnace?

A furnace is a heating system that uses fuel or electricity to heat air and distribute it throughout your home. Their high efficiency and reliability make them a popular choice among homeowners.

How Do They Work?

By drawing in cold air, heating it, and then distributing the warm air throughout your home via ductwork. The process is controlled by a thermostat, which you can set to your desired temperature.

Goodman furnace installation by Techno HVAC Contractor in Burnaby

How Does Your Home Naturally Lose Heat During the Winter?

Before diving into furnace types, it’s crucial to understand how your home naturally loses heat during the winter. Heat loss occurs through various factors such as inadequate insulation, windows, doors, and the presence of a basement or crawl space. These factors determine the capacity needed to offset the heat loss and keep your home comfortably warm.

Exploring Different Furnace Types for Efficient Heating

At Techno Gas Heating & Cooling Services Ltd., we believe that informed customers make the best decisions for their heating and cooling needs. When it comes to furnaces, understanding the different types and their benefits is essential. In this guide, we’ll break down the three main categories of equipment and compare their features to help you choose the right system for your home. If your unsure which furnace type is best suited for your home schedule a consultation with our technician now.

Single Stage Furnace

A single-stage furnace, as the name suggests, operates on a simple principle:

It’s either fully on or completely off. There’s no in-between, no varying degrees of heat output. When the temperature in your home drops below the level set on your thermostat, the unit kicks into action, operating at its maximum flame setting until your home reaches the desired warmth. Once that temperature is achieved, the furnace shuts off until it’s needed again.

This type of furnace is a popular choice for many homeowners and good reason. Single-stage furnaces are known for their reliability and straightforward operation. They are the stalwarts of the furnace world, providing consistent heat when you need it most.

Installation of a single-stage furnace by Tech No Gas in a home in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland.

Two Stage Furnace

Unlike traditional single-stage furnaces that operate at one fixed speed, a two-stage furnace comes with the flexibility of two distinct settings.

When your furnace is on, it can operate at either a high or medium-intensity setting. This dual functionality allows for a broader range of operations, ensuring your home’s temperature is always just right, no matter the weather outside.

Imagine a chilly winter day. With a single-stage unit, your heating system would operate at full capacity, potentially making your home uncomfortably warm. But with a two-stage unit, the system would start at a medium intensity, providing a gentle and consistent warmth. If the temperature drops further, the furnace can switch to the high setting, ensuring your home remains cozy and warm.

Multi-stage furnace installation by Techno Gas in a residence in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland.

Modulating Furnace

Unlike traditional units that operate at a single or dual capacity, a modulating furnace operates on a spectrum of heating capacities, adjusting the flame in fine increments.

This sophisticated technology allows it to respond precisely to the unique heating needs of your home, ensuring a perfectly balanced and comfortable indoor climate.

Imagine a heating system that adjusts itself to the smallest temperature fluctuations in your home. The furnace continuously adapts its heating output to match the exact temperature requirements of your home at any given moment. This means no more sudden temperature drops or spikes—just consistent, comfortable warmth.

Which Type of Furnace is Right for You?

Choosing the right system type depends on various factors, including the size of your home, comfort concerns, and energy efficiency goals. Single-stage units are affordable and reliable for smaller homes. Two-stage units address temperature inconsistencies and are ideal for multi-level homes. Modulating furnaces offer ultimate comfort and energy savings, maintaining precise temperatures even in extreme weather conditions.

At Techno Gas Heating & Cooling Services Ltd., we provide comprehensive services, including furnace installation, repair, and maintenance. Our experienced technicians can guide you in selecting the right furnace type based on your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable throughout the winter season.


Furnace Units

We help create comforatable spaces with our professional furnace installation & emergency repair services.

These are the most common type of furnace, especially in British Columbia. They are powered by natural gas from FortisBC and are known for their efficiency and reliability.

Need to Repair or Replace?

Professional Furnace Installation in Lower Mainland: Reliable Heating Solutions

Techno Gas offers professional furnace installation services to ensure reliable and efficient heating for your home.

Our experienced technicians handle every aspect of the furnace installation process in Lower Mainland, from selecting the right furnace to meticulous installation, testing, and calibration. With our expertise, we guarantee optimal performance, safety, and compliance with industry standards. Choose  Techno Gas Heating & Cooling Services Ltd. for peace of mind, knowing that your unit is installed correctly and will provide long-lasting comfort. Contact us today for professional installation services and to find out how you can get a rebate on your high-efficiency system!

Carrier Furnace Installation in Burnaby

Understanding the Costs: Factors Affecting Furnace Installation Prices

Installing a new furnace involves various factors that can influence the overall cost. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision and budget accordingly. Here are key factors that affect installation prices:

Furnace Type and Efficiency

The type and efficiency of the furnace you choose play a significant role in installation costs. They come in different types, such as gas, electric, and oil, each with varying installation requirements. Additionally, higher-efficiency units often come with a higher upfront cost but offer long-term energy savings. Consider your heating needs, energy efficiency goals, and budget when selecting a furnace type.

Size and Capacity

The size and heating capacity of the furnace is determined by factors like the square footage of your home, insulation levels, and local climate. An incorrectly sized furnace can lead to inefficient heating and increased energy consumption. A professional HVAC contractor can perform a heat load calculation to determine the right furnace size for your home. Keep in mind that a larger or higher-capacity furnace may come with a higher installation cost.

Ductwork Modifications

If your existing ductwork is incompatible with the new furnace or requires modifications to meet the system’s requirements, additional costs may arise. This can include resizing or replacing ducts, sealing leaks, or adding new duct runs. The complexity of the ductwork modifications and the materials needed will impact the installation price.

Venting and Exhaust Requirements

Proper venting and exhaust are crucial for safe and efficient furnace operation. Depending on the furnace type and local building codes, you may need to install or modify venting systems, such as chimneys, flues, or PVC pipes. Venting requirements can vary, especially when switching from one furnace type to another. Ensure compliance with local regulations and factor in any venting modifications when estimating installation costs.

Additional Components and Accessories

Furnace installations may require additional components or accessories, such as thermostats, air purifiers, humidifiers, or zoning systems. These additions can enhance comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. However, they also contribute to the overall installation cost. Consider your specific needs and budget for any desired extras during the installation process.

Warranty and Maintenance Plans

Furnace manufacturers often provide product warranties, covering parts and labor for a specified period. Additionally, we offer Residential HVAC Maintenance Plans for Long-Term Efficiency and comfort maintenance plans that include regular inspections and servicing. By installing your equipment properly in the first place and doing preventative maintenance your unit will last much longer.

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 We help create comforatable spaces with our professional heating ventilation and air conditioning services.

Additional Furnace Features

With modern technology HVAC systems and controls have become much more advanced. Let’s look into some additional parts that your furnace system may need:


The thermostat is the main way to control your heating system temperature output. 

Zoning Control

A major upgrade to your gas furnace system is to add multiple smart thermostat paired with automatic dampers that regulate the airflow into each room (zone) of your house. This way you get customized comfort for every part of your home. In general larger homes can make more use of a zone control system as there are often issues evenly heating the air over greater distances. 

Variable Speed Blowers

Variable-speed blowers excel in providing a quieter and more consistent airflow, adjusting their speed to match your heating needs. This not only minimizes noise levels but also prevents uncomfortable temperature fluctuations and drafts, ensuring a more pleasant and stable indoor environment. 

Expert Furnace Repair Services: Restore Your Home's Heating

Techno Gas Heating & Cooling Services Ltd. specializes in expert furnace repair services.

Our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix a wide range of furnace issues promptly and effectively. With a thorough diagnostic assessment, quality repairs using top-notch parts, and rigorous testing for optimal performance and safety, we ensure your home’s heating system is restored to its full functionality. Trust Techno Gas Heating & Cooling Services Ltd. for reliable furnace repairs that bring back comfort to your home. Contact us today for professional furnace repair services.

Burnaby & Lower Mainland furnace inspection and safety checks

Techno Gas Heating & Cooling Services Ltd. offers furnace maintenance services to keep your heating system running at its best.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance, and energy efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your furnace. Our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough inspection, clean vital components, lubricate moving parts, and perform necessary adjustments to keep your furnace in top shape. By scheduling routine maintenance with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your furnace is well-maintained and prepared to provide reliable heating throughout the year. Connect for HVAC Support to schedule your furnace maintenance service and enjoy uninterrupted comfort in your home.

Daikin Furnace Services in Burnaby

Furnace Equipment Brands

We are certified installers and repair technicians for the following furnace products. 

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Mark O'Neill
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Lisa M.
Excellent service setting up a new line to our gas range.
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tracles H
I am grateful to Tecno Gas for doing the servicing on my gas fireplace. David and Ray were very knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. David answered all of my questions very thoughtfully, and explained why one part needed replacement. Very professional, and the most thorough servicing that I have ever had done on my fireplace! Thank you!
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Shaya Jamshidi
I couldn’t be more satisfied with what this company did with replacing my old furnace. They are a group of professionals who right from the beginning proved that I made the right choice. They offered the best price and fastest and cleanest job in my home. Working with them was a great experience.
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isabelle Abney
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Jasmine Barredo
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Salah Maroufi
I had the pleasure of using Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Services, and I must say that their exceptional service exceeded my expectations. From the moment I contacted them for a quote to the completion of the job, their professionalism and expertise were evident. The technicians arrived on time, well-prepared, and with a friendly attitude. They assessed my heating and cooling system meticulously and provided a detailed explanation of the work that needed to be done. It was evident that they had a deep understanding of the technology and were committed to delivering top-notch results. The installation and maintenance work were done with precision and care, and the quality of their workmanship was outstanding. My heating system now functions flawlessly, and my energy bills have noticeably decreased. Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Services truly live up to their reputation for efficiency and reliability. What stood out the most, however, was their excellent customer service. They were responsive to all my queries and concerns and made sure I was fully satisfied with their work. It's clear that they prioritize customer satisfaction and take pride in their work. I highly recommend Techno Gas Heating and Cooling Services to anyone in need of heating and cooling solutions. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to customer service make them a top choice in the industry. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I'll definitely be using their services in the future.
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