Furnace Service

Maintaining your furnace increases its efficiency and useful life, so you will be saving money. Techno-Gas Heating Services offers the best service package at a competitive rate. Our technicians are experienced and qualified gasfitters who are committed to obtaining your 100% satisfaction and happiness. Call us now to enjoy a different furnace service.

What Type of Furnace Maintenance Are You Doing?

Many people do not think much about their furnace until there is a problem with it. When this happens, the repairs are costly. To avoid this, your furnace needs routine cleaning and upkeep. It is best to have a licensed technician come in to provide this type of furnace maintenance for you. Our professionals work closely with you to ensure you are getting the very best level of care possible, minimizing any potential problems in the upcoming season.
Furnace maintenance should include several steps. Some homeowners may be able to clean out the filters (this is something you should do at least one time a month when the furnace is being used). Yet, there are other steps, including checking the electrical components, heat exchanger inspection, high limit switch tests, inspecting the ignition and pilot, and ensuring the motor is in good working order. Let our team at Techno-Gas Heating Services handle your maintenance for you.

Furnace Repair

Either your furnace is not working at all, or it is doing something weird, let us know. Techno-Gas Heating Services repairs all brands and makes of furnaces for all residents in Lower Mainland. Our certified technicians bring their experience and knowledge to your furnace. We do not replace parts if they are not necessary to be replaced. So, we take care of your pocket!

Furnace Repair Gets Your Home Warm Again

Like every mechanical system, your furnace could stop working after its parts fail, especially when they work harder in the wintertime. If you notice changes in the way your furnace works or if it will not work at all, it is time to call Techno-Gas Heating Services for furnace repair. Our qualified gas fitters with several years of experience can help to troubleshoot your furnace by asking a few key questions. If your furnace is not working properly, this can stress the system and cause more technical problems. To avoid higher expenses, don’t delay in having our team come out to help you.
When you call us for furnace repair, we’ll ask you about what’s happening, provide a full inspection of the system, and then create a plan for making repairs. This could be simple things like cleaning filters or more complex problems with the ignition or motor. In all cases, we will help you get your system running again or help you to determine if a replacement is a better option for you. Remember, we always do care of your pocket!
We are available 24 hours 7 days, so you don’t have to worry and wait until the next day! Our trucks are stocked with tools and parts for all furnace makes and models to ensure that the repair is done accurately and quickly.

Furnace Installation

Techno-Gas installs all brands and makes of furnaces. Our professionalism allows us to give you an exceptional warranty. Our furnace installation comes with 10 years of parts and labor limited warranty. Installing a furnace properly and professionally is the main determinant of its lifespan.

Is It Time for a New Furnace?

No one wants to think about the need to buy a new furnace, but doing so can be a very important investment. At Techno-Gas Heating Services in Burnaby, British Columbia, our team works closely with you to ensure you always get the very best make and model for your home. One of the key ways we help our clients is by ensuring every system we install is highly efficient. This can save you money on reduced energy use and help you to qualify for rebates up to $1000 that reduce your overall cost to buy the system.
If your current furnace is no longer working efficiently, or you are worried about the overall lifespan it has left, give us a call. Let our technician provide an inspection and make recommendations for you. Many times, this upgrade can help you to enjoy a warmer home more consistently, and it can help you minimize your carbon footprint, too. Let our team help you choose a new furnace for your home.
We install all makes and brands of furnaces. Our single and two-stage furnaces come with 10 years of parts and labor limited warranty. To get more details on our warranties, please call us. We would be happy to give you an on-site estimate and consultation.